Jessica Stevens Community Foundation Highlights

 2022 Healthy Community Grant Awards

JSCF is thrilled to not only have doubled the amount of money for Healthy Community Grants in 2022 to $35,000, but we also increased the number of recipients from ten non-profits to thirteen!  Available funding for grants increased thanks to your matched donations as well as strong returns on our investment portfolio, however, the needs of the community have likewise increased. This year’s grant recipients all serve the residents of our Upper Susitna Valley community, but do so in a wide variety of ways. We are proud to say that our focus areas— compassionate health care, enjoyment of the natural environment, social engagement, artistic expression, and innovative education–were represented as was the underserved population in our communities.
JSCF grants help with operational funds, which is so important to organizations like theUpper Susitna Food Pantry, Sunshine Station Community Child Care, Trapper Creek Community Services which operates the Free Box, and Denali Arts Council who have either no income other than grants or not enough to serve the population who utilizes their services. We are so pleased that we are able to assist in this way.
Other grants fund educational projects that range from providing services to students atboth Talkeetna Elementary School and Su Valley High School to providing programs to adults through the Susitna River Coalition. Some grants are aimed at helping the community stay healthier through participating in outdoor activities such as cross-country skiing (Denali Nordic Ski Club) and hockey and curling (Talkeetna Youth Hockey). Others want to increase our enjoyment of the outdoors by providing more “green space” downtown (Talkeetna Historical Society) and a safer play environmentfor children (Upper Susitna Softball Association). In addition, JSCF is providingsupport for KTNA to continue to provide us with essential news and for Denali Education Center to keep their computers safe so they can organize all the programs that the community so appreciates.

Click to view a list of this year’s grant awards.When you donate to JSCF, you are a part of making all this happen.
Great communities don’t happen by chance!

Free Box Inside 1

Trapper Creek Community Services  continues to provide clothing and household items to individuals in need with the Free Box. This resource has, in many cases, eliminated the need to drive 160 miles to town to spend money that is hard to come by. A recent testimonial by a young woman new to the area said she was not prepared for the winter weather and would have  moved away if it were not for the Free Box and the warm clothing, she found there to help her survive.

“I was blessed by this amazing resource so that I could be warm and comfortable during my first winter in Alaska.”

This year Talkeetna Elementary School and Denali Arts Council receive a grant award to continue their collaboration to bring an art program to students. Their collaboration enables them to share the workload of securing artists, writing the grant, scheduling within the school, and sharing the artistic products that students made with the community of Talkeetna through an art show at the hangar.

Photo shows Karen Mannix who did a fused glass project with students.

Karen Mannix did a fused glass project with students