Jessica Stevens Community Foundation-grant awards

 Families in Crisis Fund receives a boost from JSCF

At the end of each year, Jessica Stevens Community Foundation looks at what it has available in grant funds and what the needs of the community might be. In some years there have been no additional funds available, but 2022 was different because of the excellent investment returns the previous year.  After conversations with the Sunshine Community Health Center (SCHC), the Advisory Board made the decision to grant $7500.00 to the Families in Crisis Fund, which has been administered by the Clinic for many years.  The money for the grant to the FIC Fund is from investment earnings from JSCF’s Talkeetna Bachelor Society and Ambrose/Stevens Funds, which are administered by the Alaska Community Foundation. 

Sadly, it appears that many members of the Upper Susitna community are struggling trying to stay warm, keep their utilities operational, and get to medical appointments during these winter months. The Families in Crisis Fund (FIC) can now be accessed by all members of the community for urgent needs that are related to a short-term crisis. Acceptable use of funds includes transportation, shelter, food, medication, and other possible needs as approved by the FIC committee.  If funds are approved, payments will either be made directly to a vendor or received in the form of gas cards, grocery store cards, and pre-paid credit cards.  Access to these funds is through an application that states the need for the funds.

Photo caption – Chair of the JSCF Grants Committee, Cici Schoenberger (center) is handing a check to Crystal Edwards, Behavioral Health Director at SCHC. Far right is Helen Michaelson, Patient Advocate at SCHC. On the left is President of the Talkeetna Bachelor Society, Phillip Manning. Next to Phillip, is Board member of JSCF, Maureen Gualtieri.

To apply for the funds, contact the Behavioral Health Department of SCHC at 907-733-9292.  You will be referred to a member of either the Behavioral Health Team or the Care Management Team to discuss your situation and complete the application. Other Care Management services may be available to help during the crisis.