Jessica Stevens Community Foundation Highlights

 907 Quest

In February, Jessica Stevens Community Foundation held a new event – The 907 Quest. The event used some real-life superheroes – people who courageously worked for change, including one who was dear to our community, Jessica Stevens. The goal of the event was to promote giving to your community, whether it be a monetary donation, by helping others or being a leader with a dream to make the world a better place.

Magnet designed by Stacie Smiley – Ruth Bader Ginsburg (top left), Jessica Stevens (top right), Gandhi (bottom left), Martin Luther King Jr. (bottom right)

The quest was inspired by former board member Kathy Trump and created by Stacie Smiley, a JSCF advisor board member and designer of the ‘superhero’ graphic featuring Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. and Jessica Stevens.  Stacie created a poem that led participants on a journey around the Talkeena village while cleverly hinting at the superhero they were heading towards. Each superhero had a display with their image and a clue to a word puzzle to solve at the end of the quest.

A family that successfully finished the quest.

Why 907?

JSCF wants to encourage new donors. Community members that may not have a lot to give and may not know what philanthropy means. $9.07 is a number that means something to Alaskans. It is also an amount that might buy you a cocktail or a fancy large decaf almond milk pumpkin spice latte.  In 2022, the Rasmuson Foundation is matching donations to JSCF.  $9.07 doubled is $18.14 which could be used to buy food for the food pantry, art supplies for the school, snacks for the kids at the day care. Even small donations can make a difference!



The 907 Quest was held in conjunction with Talkeetna’s first Ice Festival hosted by the Denali Arts Council. JSCF visited with people participating in the festival events such as ice sculpting and building towers with colored ice blocks. Jessica Stevens helped support the event with a donation towards ice blocks.


Each participant who completed the quest received a magnet or sticker with the 4 real-life superheros featured in our quest.

JSCF plans to host the 907 Quest again in the summer to reach more people.