Memorial Contributions

At times, words alone cannot express the love and respect we feel for those we have lost. A memorial contribution offers a fitting tribute that will benefit the communities of the Upper Susitna Valley for years to come.

In 2011, the JSCF initiated a memorial contribution opportunity. You can now make a lasting contribution to our community through gifts to the JSCF endowment in memory of family, friends and loved ones. Contact an Advisory Board member for details or contribute online:

Honored individuals are listed below. Premier Donations that total $1,000 or more were made in memory of those individuals with a star* beside their names. Plaques listing those honored through a Premier Donations are on display at the Trapper Creek Library, Senior Center, and Talkeetna Post Office.

Gifts have been made in loving memory of

Mary Lou Mannix*  – Arthur Mannix*  – Barbara Mercer* – Marsha Mak* 

Greg Curtis  – Ellie Henke* – Dave Totten*  – Mac A. Stevens* –  Robert Scheufele

Ellen Wolf*  –  John Baker* –   Elinor Ebling* –  Michael Vaughan* –   Ann Heck

Deborah Windham  –  Ricardo Ernst*   –   Murray Nash*   –   Vye Feeley   –   Edith Conti

 Matthew Porter* –  James Gleason –  Darrell Bowersox  –  Jessica Stevens*  

Gene Jenne* –  Millie Sutton  –  John High* –  Julie Okonek* –  Carlos Page 

Mike Fisher* – Roger Coffey  – Curt Wagner – Norman Vaughan – Mike Sterling*

Bethany Correira* –  John Soderstrom  – Merle M. Albert –  Mathew Grabowski

Paul Hatfield – Joe Ripking – Rick Leo* – Roberta Sheldon* – Mary G. Strong*

Jane Buchanan* – Keli Mahoney – Madelon Blum – Drew Schoenberger – Rob Holt*

Francis Twigg – Sally Ernst – Tabitha Morgan – Becky Tresino* – George Wagner*

Lynn Stevens – Herman Thompson* – Don Bower  – Ed Rasmuson*

Rich Crain – Connie Marie Twigg Sandy Kogl*