JSCF Presents Grant to Local High School

The Jessica Stevens Community Foundation recently teamed up with the Talkeetna Bachelor’s Society to present the Susitna Valley High School Peer Helpers a grant totaling $1,600 to take presentations on preventing bullying to local elementary schools in Trapper Creek, Talkeetna, and Willow.

2014.11.24-JSCF Susitna High Pic 4

From left to right, bottom row: Sharla Rose (JSCF), Sondra Porter (JSCF), Joy Miller (peer helper advisor), Logan Mabry. Top row: Emily Tiench, Peyton Kellar, and Kestrel Gillian

2014.11.24-JSCF Susitna High Pic 2

From left to right: Kestrel Gillian, Emily Tiench, Logan Mabry, and Peyton Kellar.